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Cycling: A game played with velocity and momentum

By March 8, 2017 No Comments

Welcome to the StreetVelo Blog! This is a space for cyclist of all descriptions and disciplines to post news, opinions, tell stories, exchange tech info, riding tips, vent frustrations, organize and celebrate cycling. For us at StreetVelo, cycling is not just a sport, hobby or alternative form of transport… it is a life choice, a life style. We are part of the solution. We don’t pollute, we don’t support the oil industry, we are healthy and we save money. Living in Los Angeles, I understand the frustration of motorist as they are stuck in traffic hour after hour fuming. I feel bad for them as I ride by, happy and relaxed, getting exercise, taking in the sites and usually getting to my destination quicker. I am also keenly aware of the dangers we face from these same frustrated motorist. Over the years techniques have been developed to maximize the advantages and minimize the risks of urban cycling. Let’s share!

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